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Buying a home should be an enjoyable process; but like many things, proper planning is required.  Our knowledgeable agents can assist you in the process, while managing your expectations.  There are many steps in buying a home for first time home buyers and even seasoned investors.  Below we have provided some topics that can assist you in this process:

1. Assess Your Financial Situation

The first step for buying a house is to assess your financial situation and determining whether you’re in a good position to buy right now. Ideally, if you plan to finance your purchase, your credit score will need to be 620 or higher, and you should not exceed 36 percent of your monthly income on debt. You can calculate your debt-to-income ratio by adding up your recurring monthly debt payments and estimated mortgage payment, and dividing that number by your monthly income before taxes.

In addition to good credit you typically need to have enough savings to cover a down payment of 3-20 percent of the home price, closing and moving costs, and enough cushion for any unexpected home maintenance.

2. Get Pre-Approved

Getting pre-approved for a mortgage can give you a better idea of your purchasing power and whether you’re in a good place to buy right now. Sellers will take you seriously after you’ve been pre-approved because it shows you’re a serious buyer and have the funds to purchase now.

3. Select a Location

Our team will help you, figure out which city and neighborhood in fits your needs and desires. As you narrow down your choices, we will help you consider things like:

  • Home values: Are home values in the area appreciating? If so, you could see a good return on investment.
  • School district: Even if you don’t have kids, we recommend a neighborhood in a good school district because it will impact the home value.
  • Commute: If you work in an office, how long would your commute be?
  • Crime rates: We will help you check the crime rates of the neighborhood online to make sure it’s a safe area.
  • Job opportunities: Does the city offer ample job opportunities and room for upward mobility in your career?
  • Local lifestyle: Does the city have high-quality restaurants, shops, parks, and entertainment that will make it an enjoyable place to live?

Feel free to use our Map search tool to view listings in areas you may already have an interest or contact us for more information and assistance. 

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