Real Estate Investors

AP Duncan & Associates, operate differently than traditional Real Estate Agents, who rely solely on the Multiple Listing System to find properties or market them.  We are founded by entrepreneurs that know how to create opportunities and employ numerous methods to acquire off market property, when the prices are lower.  We have a building and development background, and can see trends in a market before prices rise.   This and other tools make us great at working with investor.  We understand your needs to work with someone experienced and someone who understands your desires to achieve the maximum return on your investment.

Maximize Your ROI

Working with an AP Duncan & Associate, professional property manager will help you achieve a great return on your investment. Vacancy time will be reduced and the property will get rented quickly to a high quality tenant. You’ll also get a competitive and profitable rental price because your manager knows the local market and what tenants are willing to pay for properties like yours. You’ll also get tenants who stay longer because they are happy with the management we provide. 

Quality Tenants

At AP Duncan & Associates, Professional property managers are good at finding a high quality tenant who will pay rent on time and take care of your property. We have the tools and resources that are necessary to conduct a thorough tenant screening. Background checks will include reviewing credit history, verifying employment and income, checking criminal records, and talking to current and former landlords.






AP Duncan & Associates are experts in the North Georgia real estate market as well as the rental market. This experience will help you find the right property, market to the right tenants and make the right upgrades and repairs to ensure you find and retain outstanding tenants. Professional property managers use their experience to help you succeed as a landlord and increase the value of your investment.